Robbie Rivera — The Juicy Show (Guest DJ Bruno Robles) 02-06-2011

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What makes one DJ more prevalent than another? Is it the evolution into a producer? Or is it the risk of becoming the artist? If this is what sets one apart from the pack it is no surprise that Robbie Rivera is now racing to the forefront of the electronic rock genre. His distinctive brand of sexy pounding dirty electro-tinged house ignites dance floors across the globe, while the world’s top artists queue up to have Robbie put his sound to their tracks. His DJ sets containing his infectious blend of tough sexy grooves have put him in high demand. On a continuous world tour, and with a diary resembling an airport departure board, his music has recently packed out the dance floors of Ibiza, Barcelona, South America, Poland, Puerto Rico, NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Asia, Italy, Tunisia, Canada, Moscow, Australia, Vienna, and of course his hometown of Miami.

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